We Buy Houses in Brooklyn NY

How “We Buy Houses” Companies Can Help You?

You may want to sell your house or apartment fast when faced with a financial problem, or when you have to move to another city or state for personal or professional reasons or to avoid a foreclosure. When there is an urgent need to dispose of your property, you need to understand the difference between selling your home and selling your home fast!

As an example, Virginia Queens needs to sell a home fast! A resident of Brooklyn, NY, and a graduate in computer science from the NYU, she will be taking up a dream job at a Silicon Valley start-up in California. Aiming to call California her home for the rest of her life, she must sell her house.

She understands that moving to a new place would also be a challenge – financially, emotionally, and so on. She has decided to sell off her house in Brooklyn NY, the one she inherited from her grandparents, to make some money and to stop worrying about its maintenance.

Virginia started looking for house buying agencies that could help her sell the home quickly. She met up with some real estate agents who promised her that they would list the property on their website for a commission of 6%. They also wanted the house in a good condition to attract potential house buyers – meaning no clutters, no leaky faucets, no Grandma wallpaper, no outdated kitchen cabinets, no stained bathtubs, water/mildew stains, inside or outside of the house, no personal items in the living room – as buyers would inspect every aspect of the property personally. The agent also informed her that they would personally visit the house to estimate its value, and arrive at a sale price. But the agent didn’t explain that it may take 6-8 month to sell.

On the day of the appraisal, the agent found that the house needed some “minor” repairs to make it “looking good” and attractive to the buyers; he listed out a few areas that needed “minor” work. The list of such improvements was long and Virginia had neither the time nor the financial ability to complete such repairs. She decided to leave her house vacant and head to California for a new job.

If you have a similar situation, an ugly house or good-looking home or apartment to sell, you should contact real estate buying companies that buy houses in any condition. With these companies, you do not have to think about repairs and renovations, as they buy houses As Is. The we buy houses companies do not charge commission or fees and pay in cash! “As Is” condition is more than just the physical structure of the house, even if there is a lien on the house, fire damage, preforeclosure, foreclosure, health department violations, or environmental issues and so on; whatever be the problem, these companies have “We Buy Homes” solution! These companies can also make a quick offer, even within 2-3 days of discussing your house over the phone. They may hand you down the most competitive cash offer.

Yes! All this sounds too good, and you may ask yourself what is the catch. Well, these We buy houses companies have a network with home renovators who can help them repair, renew and give the houses an attractive look at very low rates, so they can make a profit by selling houses. Home buying companies have the cash to buy your home; they are not trying to find a buyer for you or list your property on some website, as they are the Home Buyers!

Saint Hilaire Real Estate, a real estate investment company based in New York City, we buy houses in Brooklyn “As Is” for cash and provides guaranteed, hassle-free sale to people who want to sell their homes fast without paying 6% real estate commission, We buy houses in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens.

I would like to give some highly subjective advice about selling a house. Be cautious of ‘high performing’ companies with ‘big names and teams’. Sometimes the only time you will see the ‘big team’ is during the initial signing. Some of these team members may be very poorly paid. Be wary of agents who never do their own open houses. If the agent who is doing your open house is not getting any commission on the sale of your house, there is very little vested interest in getting the property sold. Try to stay away from realtor-realtor referrals. You can be sure that any realtor to realtor referral is paid. It mean less commission for them, which can (not necessarily but can) mean less incentive to provide good service. Try not to jump into a contract with any realtor too quickly. First interview behavior might be totally different from later service behavior.

I believe that one of the biggest factor in selling real estate is a price point. It is easier to sell a property when it is either priced exactly right or below value. The question is how to determine the true value. Can anyone determine the value of the house in 5 minutes or 1 hour? NO. Sometimes it may take up to a week. You must know and understand that the value of your home is not what you think it might cost and how much you paid for. The value of your real estate is how much the market is paying for today.

Keep in mind, that our criteria for choosing how to sell your house with us or with a real estate agent might be completely different. Realtor and we may have different criteria. Our goal is profit for you and for us in short time period. Win-win solution.

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